Deep Purple - Drifter (1975-12-11) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 683 mb (3% Recovery) 

Recorded Live at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan on December 11, 1975.

Queen - Done Under Pressure In Germany (1986) FLAC

GENRE: Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 660 mb (3% Recovery) 

Soundboard Live Recording on June 21, 1986 at Maimarktgelände, Mannheim, Germany.
This show (as well as Marillion's opening set) is broadcast live on the German radio station "SWR 3." As a result, this would be one of Queen's most bootlegged shows.


Deep Purple - Mary Lose Gear In Fire (1973-01-17) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 555 mb (3% Recovery) 

Good Audience Recording.
Tracks 1-5 (CD1), 1-2 (CD2): 17 January 1973, Emst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany
Track 3 (CD2): 16 December 1972, Sporthalle, Boblingen, Germany
Label: Gypsy Eye 042/43
Released: 1998

Elton John - Christmas Party 1974 (1974-12-24) FLAC

GENRE: Rock | Pop Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 922 mb (3% Recovery) 

This is Legendary Hammersmith Odeon Concert in 1974-12-24
Label : Hiwatt Records (HR 99C038)

Kiss - Farewell Performance (2001-03-13) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock | Glam Rock
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 730mb (3% Recovery) 

Soundboard Live Recording at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan - 2001-03-13.
Label: Bondage Music (2) ‎– BON276/277
Released: 2003

Rainbow - Perfect On Line (1980-08-10) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac)
SIZE: 606 mb (3% Recovery)

Recorded Live at Aalborg Halle, Aalborg, Denmark - 1980-08-10.


01 Over The Rainbow-> Eyes Of The World
02 Love's No Friend
03 Since You've Been Gone-> Over The Rainbow-> Since You've Been Gone
04 Stargazer
05 Man On The Silver Mountain
06 Catch The Rainbow

07 Keyboard Solo-> Lost In Hollywood-> Ritchie's Solo-> Difficult To Cure-> Keyboard Solo-> Cozy Powell Drum Solo-> Lost In Hollywood
08 Lazy Intro-> All Night Long
09 Ritchie's Blues-> Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
10 Kill The King-> Long Live Rock 'N' Roll

Mark III: Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Glover, Don Airey, Graham Bonnet, Cozy Powell

(links in comments)
Enjoy !

Whitesnake - Loud Park 16 (2016-10-09) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 634 mb (3% Recovery) 

Recorded live at Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan - October 9th, 2016.
Good quality audience recording.


The Rolling Stones - Somewhere In Germany (1990-08-16)

GENRE: Rock | Rock'N'Roll
FORMAT: Mp3 (CBR Stereo 320kbps)
SIZE: 296 mb (3% Recovery)

Recorded Live at Parkstadion, Gelsenkirchen, Germany in 1990-08-16.
Very Good audience recording.

Black Sabbath - Ragnarok (1990-09-08) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock | Heavy Metal
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 717mb (3% Recovery) 

Recorded Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 8th September, 1990, during the Tyr tour.
Features Brian May of Queen and (at the time ex) Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler for his first appearance with Black Sabbath since 1985 during the encore.

Derek And The Dominos - Layla and Assorted Unreleased Songs (1993) FLAC

GENRE: Blues Rock | Rock
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 401mb (3% Recovery) 

Outtakes, alternate takes and live versions.
Yellow Dog Records (2) ‎– YD 040

George Harrison - Los Angeles Express (1974-11-12) FLAC

GENRE: Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 636mb (3% Recovery) 

Recorded Live at the Los Angeles Forum, Los Angeles, CA; November 12, 1974 (matinee). Very good soundboard.
Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, WA; November 4, 1974. Very good audience recording.
[Misterclaudel MCCD-103/104, 2CD]

Deep Purple - Getting Tighter in MIami (1976-02-08) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 588mb (3% Recovery) 

Recorded live at Jai Alai Sports Auditorium, Miami, Florida, February 8, 1976
Issued in tri-fold cardboard sleeve.
Label: The Godfatherecords ‎– G.R. 620/621
Released: 01 Mar 2011


Def Leppard - Milan (1983-10-20) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock | Melodic Rock
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 565 mb (3% Recovery) 

Recorded live at Milan, Italy, October 20th, 1983/

Gillan - Hong Kong'81 (1980-10-01) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 477mb (3% Recovery) 

Soundboard recording for FM broadcasting at Academic Community Hall, Hong Kong, China - 1981-10-01.

Glenn Hughes - Karlsruhe (2000-11-14) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 432mb (3% Recovery) 

Recorded live at Burgerhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany - 2000-11-14.

Muse - Limoges - Le Zenith (2009-12-01) FLAC

GENRE: Prog Rock | Alternative Rock | Sympho Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 598mb (3% Recovery) 

Recorded Live at Limoges, Le Zenith, 2009-12-01

Zakk Wylde - Acoustic Cowboy (1997) FLAC


GENRE: Rock | Acoustic 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 630mb (3% Recovery) 

Soundboard Live Recording in Osaka, Japan - January 24, 1997.

The Beatles - Backyard Spool (Remastered Edition) 2004 FLAC

GENRE: Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 339mb (3% Recovery) 

Acetates declicked, pitch, phase and level corrected at Remasters Workshop 2004 from Masterdisc 013 (1999).
Remasters Workshop - RMW 057


Black Sabbath - Live In Worcester (1983-11-04) FLAC

GENRE: Hard Rock | Heavy Metal
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 481mb (3% Recovery)

Recorded Live at Centrum, Worcester, MA USA November 04,1983.  Ian Gillan – vocals (!!!)

Rainbow - Stafford 1977 (1977-11-18) FLAC


GENRE: Hard Rock 
FORMAT: Lossless (Flac) 
SIZE: 717mb (3% Recovery) 

Another great audience recording from the best Rainbow era.
Very good audience recording.

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